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“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

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“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” I am sure each of you reading this blog have heard that before, but here I am saying it one more time because it is 100% true. Over my years as a family and consumer sciences student, professors have preached this over and over. Well, I […]


Welcome back, Pointers!!!

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Textbooks, note taking, essays, projects, exams, ANOTHER SCHOOL YEAR, are you ready for it?!!!  The start of a new school year–just like the start of anything new–finds me filled with mixed emotions, I imagine many of you reading this can agree. A bit of sadness, excitement and fear all fill my mind. I am sad […]


The adventures of Baotou

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Our time in Baotou has been short, but full of great experiences! A long train ride, a night with a host family, a visit to a farm and a camel ride–we have done it all! My first night in Baotou was spent with a host family, who had a 16-year-old daughter who spoke very little […]


Imagine this life

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An unfinished brick building with bunk beds crammed into two small rooms, a small kitchen, no storage for household items, surrounded by more than 100 Chinese acres of fields. This is not the kind of orphanage I imagined. I imagined a building, with lots of beds lined up, kids playing and chairs to rock babies […]


Mid-trip reflection and relaxation

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I can’t believe we are about half way into our trip already! Today we had some free time and Prof. Li found a place for those of us who were interested to go for massages. It was the perfect mid-trip relaxation after a long flight, sleeping in hotel beds, and lots of walking. I got […]


Chinese Education

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Hello from Tianjin, China! As of Monday, May 25 we have arrived in Tianjin, China. We are staying at a hotel in walking distance to Tianjin University. With the help of student ambassadors from the university, we are being able to visit many Chinese schools and learn about their education system. On Tuesday we went […]


Hello UWSP from China!

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Hello UWSP from China! We have all safely made it to China and enjoyed our first few days! We are a part of a three-week trip where we will be introduced to the most modern, and still developing, aspects of Chinese culture and family life. Professor Cuiting Li, who is originally from China, is leading […]


Never lose sight of your dreams!

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I hope everyone had a great spring break and is now excited and eager to be back at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point for the remainder of the semester! I wanted to share with everyone an inspiring story from an individual on our campus. I work as an office associate in the School of Health […]


Hands-on Learning: SPASH Career Center

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Can you believe it we are already in the spring semester of this school year?! I’m not sure about the rest of you, but for me, first semester flew by! This is my last ever spring semester as an undergrad student at UW-Stevens Point, as I am preparing to graduate in December 2015. Something exciting […]


Paying it Forward this Holiday Season

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As winter break is upon us and many of us travel home for the holidays I’m sure we are all filled with excitement to have a break from classes and enjoy some time with family and friends. While the word Christmas holds different meaning for everyone I am going to share what Christmas means to […]