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Back from break

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It’s been a long and busy two weeks getting back into the swing of things after a relaxing winter break. I was anticipating my new classes after finally declaring my new major in communication, so this will be my final blog for CPS. I am in four communication classes this semester and no I cannot […]


The healthy lifestyle

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Around this time last year I made a decision that was going to change my life without the intentions, too. Last November I decided to become a vegetarian. Being a vegetarian meant that I decided to stop eating meat and yes that includes fish because no they are not vegetables. At the time I made […]


Long distance

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Distance is never easy and for many, college requires distance. This is for all of you who were in or are still in a long-distance relationship. My boyfriend, Blake, and I started dating the end of our junior year of high school and were dating for about a year and a half when it was […]


Sports to studies

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All my life I have been considered a student-athlete. A student who was supposed to be putting their studies before their sports, but as most student-athletes could understand, that is not an easy task. I participated in various sports as a child and when I was 12 I started playing volleyball. My passion for the […]


New experiences

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How did I become a blogger? I honestly have no idea, until I remembered: I’m in college, that’s how. I am a sophomore student here at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point after being here for less than a year and a half, I have tried and experienced more new things than I ever have before, […]