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It’s ONLY Been Six Weeks!

Posted by Buechel, Kate S - October 18, 2011 - Kate B., Students

One thing about being new to Stevens Point: having to locate where certain places are so if and when I need them, I know where they are and how to get there. Well, I was hoping not to find out where the Emergency Room was located in less than four weeks.

I was getting ready to take my trash out and I pulled some new bags out of my top dresser drawer.  I went to grab the bag out of the trashcan when a piece of garbage falls out of the bag. I go to grab the garbage piece, and when I was about to stand upright, I struck my head on the underside edge of the top dresser drawer.

I call my mom and I told her what happened. She said I probably just hit it pretty hard and I was fine, just take some ibuprofen. For the rest of the night I was pretty much in a daze, ibuprofen wasn’t working, I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

The next day, my head was still hurting pretty bad. So, I took more ibuprofen, but it’s not working. That afternoon, my body temp was switching back and forth between hot and cold. I call my mom again, and she told me to go to Health Services.

I call Health Services and I tell them what’s going on, and they tell me to get to Urgent Care right away. I. Freaked. Out. Due to some other circumstances, I don’t have a roommate and my friends are in class. Finally, I realize the girl across the hall from me is in her room.

Long story short, my neighbor-Amber, a friend of hers- Alex, and I go to the hospital near campus. When I tell the nurse in charge of admitting between urgent care and the ER my symptoms, she bumps me into the ER.

So I’m shown into a room and meet one of the ER doctors, his name, Dr. Vayder. Yes, like Darth Vader. He decides to order a CT just to be on the safe side.

The results came back and there wasn’t any damage or sign of concussion, (thank goodness!) just a bad closed head wound. Since the ibuprofen wasn’t working, I was told that I could use some other drugs to get rid of the headaches.

When Dr. Vayder was giving me my final instructions, he gave me, Amber, and Alex each a lecture to stay in school and then discharged me from the ER.

So, that’s how I found out where the ER is here in Stevens Point.

Two weeks into the semester, I’m diagnosed with tendonitis.

Four weeks into the semester, I have a trip into the ER.

Six weeks into the semester, I get the stomach flu from some food.

Now taking bets on what will happen next.

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