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Are you Superhuman?

Posted by Weichel, Justin A - November 28, 2011 - Justin W., Students

Have you recently experienced a seasonally cold, or been sick lately? If you have not, it does not mean hat your immune system can with stand any microscopic invader, therefore, making you like a superhuman. That statement is most likely obvious, but it did not stop me from holding a superstitious idea.

For me, the last time I had a viral infection was over a year ago. From this extended period of time without some sort of a cold or sickness, I superstitiously thought I might be immune to any seasonal sickness. I did have several reasons to why I held this misconception. I believed my immune system was enhanced, and that my healthy lifestyle would defeat most microscopic invaders from inducing any type of an infection. I also thought I might be immune because most days of the week I exercise and practice yoga, meditation, and Spring Forest Qigong. Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing practice in which it entails performing specific meditation movements. Some scientific studies have shown that these practices can help enhance your immune system and decrease your risk of being sick, but clearly in no way making you immune to the common cold or other illnesses.

And to no surprise, I recently got a viral infection, which lasted about four days. The week before the first day of being sick I had four exams, and unfortunately I discontinued my healthy practices. By the accumulated stress from studying for my exams, and not practicing meditation, yoga or qigong it most likely made me more susceptible to microscopic invaders. In addition, I was bound to get the common cold sooner or later. Indeed, no one is superhuman!


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