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Using social media in Adapted Physical Education

Posted by UWSPcps - March 26, 2012 - Academics, Featured, Physical Education & Athletic Training, Students

As learning and technology simultaneously advance, students and faculty are learning to incorporate the latest trends into education. Two students in Prof. Kristi Roth’s PEX 445 Seminar in Adapted Physical Education class at UW-Stevens Point are using social media for their class projects.

Adapted physical education (APE) is physical education that has been adapted or modified so that it is as appropriate for the person with a disability as it is for a person without a disability. The course is a study of problems as they relate to procedures, practices, organization and administration in APE.

Jena Ansorge is using Pinterest, a pinboard-styled social photo sharing website, to share strategies and activities to use with students with disabilities. Ansorge’s Pinterest boards include: APE Tips & Techniques, Equipment Modifications, Elementary APE Activities, Apps and Technology, Disability Information, Books Relating to APE, and Organizations.

With the use of velcro, this board featured all the activities we were going to do during the class period. After an activity was complete it was moved to the bottom and the next activity was moved to the top. This was helpful for students with disabilities to see when an activity was done and what was coming next.

Evan Guell uses his Twitter account (@APEhintsandtips) to share hints, tips, videos and ideas on APE.

Know what triggers your student with autism, and having the presence of mind to move them to a ‘safe zone’ are two key teacher points.


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