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Spring Break Around the Corner

Posted by Alexia Szabo - March 25, 2013 - Alexia, Featured, Spain, Students, Study Abroad


Alaina and I with Valladolid in the background.

Hola Chicos!


Aly and I not looking forward to midterms.

Feliz Semana Santa! Happy Spring Break!! I hope every had a good last week of school and the last of midterms went well. I had all my midterms last week, and I am very happy with the grades I received. Since I’m here for school, I feel that I should get good grades. Haha. I love school here so I don’t mind working hard and studying and everything for my classes. Of course, I want to be fluent in Spanish when I come back to the States so I put in an extra effort.


Aly and I on St Patrick’s Day.

After midterm week, we had Monday and Tuesday off for Father’s Day in Spain. It was nice to have a long weekend, some people traveled but I just relaxed, prepared for spring break, and started my big monograph paper that each student in the program is required to write.

Since I was done with midterms, I didn’t have much intense school work to do this last weekend. It was nice to relax and have some fun. One of my classmates from Taiwan had his 21st birthday so we all went out to celebrate with him. It was also St. Patrick’s Day weekend so there were people out all weekend. It was fun to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Spain, everyone went out and some of us wore green.

Yesterday after classes my friend and I went on a hike on a hill not far from our houses. My mind was blown, I thought it would be a small hill with one trail on it to hike, but it was so much more. Once we got to the top we saw there were multiple hills that connected and there were parks and picnic areas, work out areas and lookout view points. It was amazing and there were a lot of people up there. I wish more public spaces in the United States were like that, it is obviously a key spot in the city. I look forward to going up there again.


Looking at Valladolid from a look out point at the park.


Flying a kite!

I’m happy to have my spring break completely planned, organized and ready for me to go. I will be traveling around Europe for over a week. I leave on March 26 and return on April 7. That’s 12 days of back packing and exploring! I will be going to London, Brussels, Stockholm, Berlin and Geneva. I’ll be traveling sometimes alone and other times with a friend from the program. I’m beyond excited and cannot wait to adventure. This will be the longest trip that I have planned and executed basically on my own. I’m ready to prove to myself that I am competent with traveling and going to a variety of countries. I will have to deal with different cultures that speak different languages, use different currencies, and encounter different climates. It will really focus on my skill sets and I know I’m going to learn and see amazing things.

I won’t be able to write until I get back from break, but I know I have a million things to write about when I get back.  I hope everyone has a good, fun, and safe spring break!

Hasta Luego,

Alexia Szabo, a junior majoring in accounting, Spanish and international studies at UW-Stevens Point, is blogging about her study abroad experience in Spain.

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