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Chancellor’s Leadership Award honors graduates


Each semester, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s best and brightest student leaders are presented with the Chancellor’s Leadership Award. This spring, 18 students from the College of Professional Studies have been selected for this honor. These students are a select group of graduating seniors who throughout their careers at the UWSP have contributed significant leadership, demonstrated campus and/or community service and shown a commitment to personal growth.

The Chancellor’s Leadership Award was developed at the urging of Chancellor Lee Sherman Dreyfus in 1978. Until then, the only award given to graduates for their university career achievements was the Albertson Award. Since relatively few met the qualifications for an Albertson Award, Chancellor Dreyfus was concerned that the last thing many of our graduates heard from the university after years of contributions was that they had lost. He felt all who had provided significant service to the university community should receive some honor, and from that annual pool, the Albertson Award should be selected.

All 49 university honorees were recognized at the Chancellor’s Leadership Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, April 23 in the Laird Room of the Dreyfus University Center. This year also marked the 35th year of the award as former award recipients were recognized during the ceremony.

Congratulations to all award winners!

College of Professional Studies Majors [Photo Gallery]
Bethany Bauer – Communicative Disorders*
Juan Cabrera-Abarca – Clinical Lab Science (Medical Technology)
Devin Christensen – Economics
Shannon Connors – Elementary Education*
Traci Gibb – Athletic Training
Aaron Hunnel – Health Promotion/Wellness
Adam Irwin – Health Science (Pre-Physical Therapy)
Pachear Lor-Vue – Business Administration
Chelsey Marcelini – Communicative Disorders*
Brittany Melby – Business Administration (Marketing), Interior Architecture
Kayla Nelson – Interior Architecture
Elizabeth O’Brien – Elementary Education*
Nicholas Reising – Business Administration
Kally Samuelson – Early Childhood Education*
Melanie Schultz – Accounting, Business Administration
Annalyce Strohfeldt – Elementary Education*
Pa Thao – Health Sciences (Health Care Administration)
Song Xiong – Dietetics
Simin Zhang – Business Administration (FIRE), Business Administration (International)

* Teaching Intent

In addition, the following recipients have a teaching intent through the School of Education:
Taylor Dahlby – English Education
Mark Vach – Music Education
Kendal Koepp – Science Education

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