Physical Education & Athletic Training 2013 Recognition Awards Banquet

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Future physical education teachers and athletic trainers were honored at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point School of Physical Education & Athletic Training 2013 Recognition Awards Banquet was held on Friday, May 3 at SentryWorld. [Photo Gallery]

Outstanding Students

Sophomore: Frederick “Max” Vermeern
Junior: Kevin Lennon
Senior: Daynna Duffy and Jeanie Limberg

Sophomore: Abigail Strobel
Junior: Travis Brown
Senior: Nick Schremp

Adventure Education: Andrew Smalley
Coaching: Brooke Walsh
Health Education: Matt Jurasewicz


Recipient: Matt Jurasewicz
Colonel Nemec graduated from UW-Stevens Point in 1968 with a degree in political science. Phyllis graduated from UW-Stevens Point in 1967 with a degree in physical education and elementary education. Colonel and Phyllis were non-traditional students. Phyllis competed on early field hockey teams, coached by Marge Spring, as a 39-year-old student-athlete with three children, playing with and against women 15-20 years younger.
This scholarship is awarded to a student pursuing a physical education degree, exhibiting a strong interest in the adapted physical education program; preference will be given to non-traditional students, who have military experience.

Recipient: Abigail Strobel
This award was established in 1973 to recognize the contributions of Eddie Kotal, former coach at UW-Stevens Point. While at UW-Stevens Point, Eddie coached football, basketball, boxing and track and field teams. He left Stevens Point to become a coach and scout for the Green Bay Packers and later for the Los Angeles Rams. Mr. Kotal died in January 1973, three months after his induction into the UWSP Athletic Hall of Fame.
This award is given to a student who has demonstrated scholastic achievement and financial need and is active in co-curricular activities.

Recipient: Danny Lynam
Carol Huettig taught and coached at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point from 1981-89. She was a masterful leader, inspiring students and athletes to continually raise their goals and perform to their maximum abilities. As a specialist in adapted physical education, Carol was a passionate advocate for underserved populations, particularly children. Her research focused on ways to improve services to children with disabilities, and she shared that information by authoring many articles and books and speaking at conferences throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Carol was very intuitive about individuals’ feelings. She had a gift for sensing the needs of people and reaching out to assist them in any way that would protect their dignity and self worth. Last, but not least, she was a lover of dogs, a great cook and knew how to throw
a fabulous party!
This award is to provide a scholarship for physical education majors with an emphasis in adapted physical education.

Recipient: Danny Lynam
Marjorie Spring’s contributions to UWSP during her 18 year tenure as an educator in elementary physical education and coach in women’s field hockey and track and field are still being felt today. During her tenure, Marjorie created opportunities for women to compete in athletics that paved the way for women athletes today. Her foresight in providing hands-on teaching opportunities for students studying to be teachers created the motor development and adapted physical education programs. Additionally, Marjorie has the unique distinction of being the first woman inducted into the UWSP Athletic Hall of Fame.
This scholarship is awarded to a physical education major interested in working with elementary students in PE or adapted PE. The student must possess a strong academic performance and be recommended for this scholarship by a faculty member in PEAT.

Recipient: Emily Burns
This scholarship was established by Mary Stevens and Kitty Schuler, daughters of Margaret and Henry Bannach. Mrs. Bannach was a 1934 elementary education graduate. Mr. Bannach, nicknamed “Tiny,” was a 1930 graduate of the same program and went on to receive a master’s degree from UW-Madison. Tiny Bannach played football, basketball and baseball and was inducted into the UWSP Athletic Hall of Fame in 1971. He was given the Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1982.
The scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in elementary education or physical education to benefit the student during his/her student teaching experience.

Recipient: Rachel Brown
Nancy Page was a teacher and coach at UWSP from 1973-2004, coaching field hockey (1973-85), softball (1980-90) and tennis (1986-2004). Nancy taught numerous activity classes inside and outside the physical education major and was generally responsible for teaching 175-200 students a semester. Her teaching day may have featured teaching two hours each of badminton, cross country skiing and tennis with enough energy left to play tennis in the late afternoon or evening. Her passion for sports and activity served as an outstanding role model for students and staff. Nancy was active in promoting women sports and is a charter member of the Women’s Athletic Fund.
This scholarship is awarded to a physical education major of junior or senior standing, with demonstrated academic success, financial need
and community involvement.

Recipient: Rachel Brown
Friends and associates of the late Hale Quandt established this award in 1969. Hale’s initial assignment on campus was the unenviable task of working with the basketball and football programs at a time when men’s athletics had been eliminated at the university because there were too few men to create a team, due to World War II. He served as athletic director at UW-Stevens Point
for 18 years.
The award is given to a student of junior or senior status, who has demonstrated strong citizenship on campus and in the community with an interest in the coaching profession.

Recipient: Tyler Umentum
Dale H. Vollrath completed his undergraduate degree at UW-Stevens Point in history with a minor in mathematics and physics in 1959. He took additional course work at UW-Madison, UW-Green Bay, UW-Whitewater, University of Western Illinois, London, Texas A&M, Berline Volshochsule and completed his master’s in history (MSE) at UW-Oshkosh. Dale taught three years at Clintonville and 28 years at Green Bay East. Eldora Vollrath completed her undergraduate degree UW-Stevens Point in home economics with a minor in physical education and physical science in 1955. She taught home economics and physical education for one year at Spencer and then stayed home to raise their three children. In 1980, she was hired as a full-time home economics teacher and taught in every junior and senior high in Green Bay, retiring in 1991. She was the first president of the Green Bay Substitute Teachers Union. They have been blessed to have traveled to more than 80 countries.
This award is given annually to a UWSP student majoring in physical education with a teaching emphasis.

Recipient: Jonathan Pickos
This chartered endowed scholarship was created by Judith Herrold to recognize and honor a student possessing the academic and personal knowledge to become an athletic training professional. Judith dedicated 34 years of service to UWSP in the areas of teaching, advising, faculty governance and student advocacy.
This scholarship is awarded to a student who has been officially accepted into the UWSP athletic training major and has completed, or be currently enrolled in, a minimum of two-three semesters in the UWSP athletic training major.

Recipient: Kevin Lennon
It was often said that Megan O’Malley never met a sport she didn’t like. Megan swam, played soccer and tennis, ran cross country and participated in triathalons. She was an excellent windsurfer and spent a lot of time on skis with her siblings and parents. Megan captained and led the downhill ski team to nationals her senior year at Wisconsin. Her decision to become a physical therapist allowed her to combine her compassion for others with her passion for fitness and athletics. Megan died in an automobile accident in 1992 at age 25.
This scholarship is awarded for general support for athletic training students.

Recipient: Seth Kuhn
The friends and family of Steven Blocher created this award in 1991.
Steven attended UWSP for two years before transferring to UW-Platteville to pursue his education to become a civil engineer. After returning home for the summer at the end of his junior year, he drowned in a boating accident, along with his father and brother while on a fishing trip on the Wisconsin River.
This award is given to a student athletic trainer who is either a junior or a first semester senior with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.

Recipient: Joseph Clapp
The family of Duaine Counsell created this award in 1991. Duaine, a UWSP alumnus, was a faculty member for 31 years returning to Stevens Point in 1957 as a head football coach and teaching courses in physical education, drivers’ education, recreation and safety education.
This award is given to an upper class, physical education major returning for at least one more year at UWSP. The student must demonstrate academic excellence and be involved in extra-curricular and community functions.

Recipient: Amanda Zygarlicke
The family and friends of Kim Counsell created this award in 1978. She was a graduate of UWSP with a major in elementary education and was 28 years old at the time of her tragic death.
This award recognizes exceptional potential of a student in the physical education major to work with elementary school children and honors the memory of the late Kim Counsell.

Recipient: DuWayne Behnke