Howdy CPS! Let’s do some yoga!

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One of my favorite questions to ask myself is: “What would I pay to do?” I come alive when I share yoga with others, and when I talk about optimizing life and creativity with others! So I’m following my bliss. Starting UW-Stevens Point as a BFA in musical theater, I quickly gained a lead role as a freshman, being Berger, in Hair: the musical. After receiving this huge ego boost, I then got hit with a flurry of reality checks in class, not getting cast the following semester. I was producing crappy work that I knew was life-less … not filled with ME. I realized I couldn’t just wait around expecting my “muse” to come when I was “struck by inspiration.”

I was dumbfounded as to what I could do to be filled up again as an artist, and quickly fell into anxiety and depression that can commonly accompany being an artist. I quickly realized that I couldn’t find it through food or alcohol … all in fact, just distracted from my dharma, my work. I needed to inspire myself, rather than rely on outside sources for inspiration. After my sophomore year, I found Brian Johnson, and his work with Philosophersnotes and Entheos. His “notes” gave me do-able steps to implement into my life, realizing I create my reality, and life circumstances!

He gave me the guts to think: “Wait! You mean, my creativity and happiness are in my control? I can actively make myself a stronger and productive artist, while being ecstatic about my work and gut feelings? … and fall on my face … and get back up, confidently?” The answer was a resounding, “Hell yes!” Next question: “How could I systematically create the reality I wanted, by applying small things to my life, with hard work, discipline, and playfulness?”

Mastery of anything comes from showing up to do the art/work on the business/the yoga regiment with “Blissipline” (Bliss/Discipline), every morning, after waking. I immediately began letting these small changes happen, until they became habitual patterns of daily life! This included giving gratitude, meditation, running/cycling, eating amazing food that nourishes my body … and yoga … all before 10 a.m.!

After 16 years of baseball and weight lifting wreaked havoc on my knees and joints, I couldn’t even touch my shins at 21 years old. Yoga gave me back my body and kinesthetic awareness. I call it “getting in my body,” because I really feel in my skin, tapped into every feeling inch of my body, rather than just using my body as a vehicle for my head. Yoga could be a catalyst for creativity and incubating new ideas, and knowing that once I embody my highest self, the work can just flood forth through my mind to pen, clay, or machinery and body. One of the first things I did after beginning my “Blissiplines” was end a three-year relationship that wasn’t life giving or supporting my growth, or hers. I began to realize that I had a choice in literally every facet of my life, including the way I interpreted any situation in life. I created a small group of friends/loved ones, (including my highest self) that empowered me, and that I could do the same for.

I then added a second major of health promotion/wellness with an emphasis in wellness coaching, and attended the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts for a month-long 200-hour YTT immersion, a life-altering experience. Now, after creating a Yoga and Meditation Club on my campus, I’ll be heading to Vancouver, British Columbia, in May to begin an internship for My Yoga Online! Jai five!

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Matt Cooke is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point majoring in health promotion/wellness and musical theater.