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With my mom being awkward in front of the UWSP sign.

Hola chicos!

alexiabiking201309Happy autumn everyone! I know I can’t be the only one would loved the cooler stretch of weather that we had here in Stevens Point. Fall is my favorite season and I’m so happy to get back in the full swing of things. As the second week of classes come to an end I think everyone is getting back into school mode, which is always bittersweet. So far I have enjoyed all of my classes but I am definitely feeling the pressure of taking 17 credits this semester. It’s also quite a change from last semester because when I was in Spain I was taking all Spanish classes that were all taught in Spanish, while this semester I’m taking mostly classes toward my accounting major that are all taught in English. I’m happy taking classes for my accounting major because it makes me feel more confident in what I am doing and I am greatly enjoying it as well.

What makes me even more confident about my choices are my new job that I just started a couple weeks ago. I am an accounting assistant at UWSP Payment Services. I help with basic office tasks but also event payments and accounting information in our computer database and perform general accounting duties. I love the atmosphere and the satisfaction I get from my job. I learn countless new things everyday and I get to apply what I am learning in my classes. It’s not exactly the type of place that I want to work in, but it’s a start and helping me in the right direction.

Katelyn Marx, SFA secretary, and I at the involvement fair.

Besides taking classes and working, I have been incredibly busy with all my extracurriculars. After being away from UW-Stevens Point for a semester I want to be as involved as I possibly can with the campus and the community. The main group that I have been involved in on campus is the Student Finance Association. I am a public relations coordinator for this new club and I am loving every bit of it. I think this is a great club for people studying different areas of business but also for everyone. Finance is a topic that everyone has to understand no matter what career you choose. So far we have had a couple executive board meetings to plan out this semester’s meetings and events. Our meetings will be on the third Monday of every month and we will have a guest speaker each time to share their knowledge on a financial topic. We are planning several fundraisers and two trips to tour different business. I would definitely recommend coming to our meetings and liking us on Facebook to see our updates.

Other clubs that I am involved in are the Yoga and Meditation Club which has been great because it gives me just an extra time to set aside for myself and do what I love. I have been going to the Allen Center at least once a week for the free group classes and I love the yoga class that they have there. I am also involved in the National Society for Leadership and Success, which is really cool because it is filled with a lot of really motivated people and strong leaders, which is something that I strive to be everyday. I am hoping to be more involved with the campus garden because I enjoy volunteering for them and donating my compost to them and I think they have great values and I can relate to. I am basically busy every night doing one thing or another but I love it.

Last but not least I am very excited to announce that I am apply for an internship in London this summer. After being back in the United States for a couple months I’m starting to feel the travel bug come back again. I was also starting to think about a possible internship that I would want to do within the next year or so and I thought that an internship abroad make the most sense for me and something in which I am truly interested. I am hoping to do some sort of business internship which is fantastic because UW-Stevens Point offers that exact internship in London. I am just in the beginning stages of the application process but so far everything has been great with it because of all the support I have received. One of the main reasons I love UW-Stevens Point is because of the direct support I receive from my professors and advisers. I feel confident that I can walk into my adviser’s office and she will stop what she is doing to help me. I know that when I say hello to a professor I have had in the past, they will say hello and most likely remember my name. To me that is the most important thing that a university can offer is support from their staff and I think UWSP goes above and beyond that.

Flowers from my boyfriend for our anniversary.

Basically I am having a good time thus far in the semester and I have high hopes for the future. I brought in all my plants and my apartment is looking great, my boyfriend and I just celebrated our two-year anniversary, we signed a lease for a house next year and everything seems to be heading in a positive direction. I hope that everyone is having as great of a year as I am and I wish the best for everyone reading right now. Hope the rest of this month stays as great and I’ll see you guys in a couple weeks!!

Hasta Luego,





Alexia Szabo is a junior majoring in accounting, Spanish and international studies at UW-Stevens Point.