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Heads. Hearts. Hands. Valuing Our Learning Community


Faculty and staff engaged in rich conversation at the 18th Annual UW-Stevens Point Teaching Conference “Heads. Hearts. Hands. Valuing Our Learning Community” held in the Dreyfus University Center on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014. [Photo Gallery]

The Teaching Conference Planning Committee assembled various panel discussions and presentations that demonstrate UW-Stevens Point’s ongoing commitment to quality teaching that leads to student success.

College of Professional Studies faculty presentations included:

  • Kym Buchanan (Education) and Cassie Schick (Education): Hearts-On Learning: Letting Your Students Teach the Course
  • Maggie Beeber (Education), John Gaffney (Education) and Leslie McClain (Education): Engaging a Community of Learners:  The Reciprocity of Advising and Teaching
  • Aaron Kadoch (Interior Architecture), Kristi Roth (Physical Education & Athletic Training), Deborah Tang (Health Promotion & Human Development), Tim Wright (Physical Education & Athletic Training), Donna Zimmerman (Interior Architecture): Teaching Partners: Improving Instruction Through Interdisciplinary Scholarly Collaboration
  • Toni Sage (Health Promotion & Human Development): Understanding, Mitigating, and Preventing Academic Difficulty            

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