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Tips for Registration

Posted by Alexia Szabo - April 10, 2014 - Alexia, Featured, Students


My notes for what I’m thinking about taking, it helps me to write it down several times hahah.

Hola chicos!

I hope everyone in Stevens Point is enjoying this weather! It’s finally beginning to feel like spring! With the start of spring everyone will probably start to think about summer, but really during this time of year us students should be thinking about fall. Next week starts registration for fall 2014 and all the students will have to sign up for classes. It can be a stressful time for all students, especially the underclassmen who maybe haven’t registered by themselves yet. I thought I would share some tips and guidelines that I use when preparing for registration, and maybe they will help some other students during this upcoming registration.


Sitting on my couch trying to figure out my fall courses.

First, look up your registration time and take care of any holds you might have that would prevent you from registering on time. The main holds including approving your information on that page, paying your registration deposit, and getting approval from your adviser. When it comes to meeting with your adviser, each department does things a little different. For example if you are a pre-major in the School of Business & Economics, you will meet with a peer adviser who will help you instead of a professor. And if you aren’t clear on your major, visit the Student Academic Advising Center, it’s an awesome resource. Often advisers will send out emails saying how to sign up for an advising time, but if you don’t hear from them in a week or so before your registration time, I think it is best to shoot them and email to see when they will be available. When you go to meet with your adviser take along a copy of your Degree Progress Report (DPR) which can be found on myPoint, and also bring a long a tentative course list you are thinking about. Some advisers may want to you to being other things so make sure you are prepared before going to your appointment time.

When it comes to picking classes you should first look at your DPR and see what you still need to complete for general degree requirements and for your major. One you pick some course you want look at the timetable, also found on myPoint, to see when courses are offered during the semester. The timetable is great and allows you to search for classes and short them in a variety of ways. Some courses will say you need permission to register for them, so make sure you get approved for those if you need one of those courses. When you put together your schedule make sure none of the classes conflict with each other and also make sure to build your schedule for your style of life; for example if you need to have time to work or study during the day make sure you member that. Also keep in mind the classes you need to take in the future and get the prerequisites done so you can stay on course with graduating on time. It’s also good to create a backup schedule in class classes close before your time of registration.

So remember first clear your holds, then meet with adviser and create a schedule. It seems complicated and stressful, and I’m not going to lie you probably will run into some bumps along the way the first couple times you register. Remember that there are always people around to help you whether it be advisers, professors or peers. As you complete more credits you will be more comfortable registering and you will register earlier so it will be easier to get into the classes you need.

I hope everyone gets the classes you want and registration goes smoothly, and if not at least you can enjoy this weather.

Hasta Luego,

Alexia Szabo is a senior majoring in economics, Spanish and international studies at UW-Stevens Point.



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