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2014 University Leadership Award Recipients

Posted by UWSPcps - April 11, 2014 - On Campus

College of Professional Studies students are among the UW-Stevens Point University Leadership Award winners for positive impact on campus. A ceremony will be held Wednesday, April 30 at 7 p.m. in the Dreyfus University Center Alumni Room.

Nominees for the University Leadership Award should be students who:

  • have a strong, clear sense of purpose
  • are very persistent, willingly investing time and energy toward the achievement of that purpose;
  • are self-knowledgeable, aware of personal strengths and weaknesses, and encourage self-awareness in others;
  • are always seeking new learning experiences;
  • love their work and find joy in relation to their work;
  • seem magnetic; drawing, energizing, inspiring and motivating others through example;
  • maintain mature human relationships
  • are courageous, willing to take risks and experiment;
  • see mistakes as opportunities and learning experiences; and
  • seek to serve the needs of others, and realize their responsibility in helping to develop others.
  • have increased awareness of growing environmental problems and understand that stewardship demonstrates leadership for environmental sustainability.

College of Professional Studies Students:
Cierra Bartol-Byers (Elementary Education)*
Shelby Bowe (Family & Consumer Sciences)
Cassandra Bright (Elementary Education, Special Education)*
Daniela Cabrera (Interior Architecture)
Ashley Collegnon (Math)*
Parth Dogra (Business Administration, Economics)
Brianne Geenen (Elementary Education)*
McKenzie Gotz (Health Science-Health Care Administration)
Charlie Greiber (Business Administration, Economics)
Anna Janda (Clinical Lab Science-Medical Technology)
Christina Knowlton (Health Science-Health Care Administration)
Lindsey Korst (Social Sciences)*
Shelby Kreeb (Communicative Disorders)*
Gaonou Lo (Business Administration, Economics)
Naomi Matthews (Elementary Education)*
Shannon McGinn (Interior Architecture)
Katelyn Morici (Elementary Education, Special Education)*
Teeranun Nuttavuttisit (Business Administration)
Katherine Olson (Spanish)*
Carley Prochaska (Health Science-Health Care Administration)
Alexander Purdy (Psychology, Social Science)*
Lindsey Sauter (Elementary Education, Special Education)*
Craig Schafer (Business Administration)
Zachary Szprejda (Accounting, Business Administration)
Chong Charles Vang (Pre-nursing, Pre-chiropractic)
Amy Vida (Family & Consumer Science, English)*
Taylor Welding (Math)*
Emily Wisniewski (Music Education)*

*Admitted to School of Education


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