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Thank You, UWSP

Posted by Cerniglia, Courtney M - June 16, 2014 - Courtney C., Featured, Students


I started running and skiing; joining Marathon Runners of UWSP led to my first 5K, half marathon, and many other races. Joining the board, we grew the club to become not only a place for runners to run, but to grow as athletes and connect as friends.

All done! I returned home from Spain and graduated, just like that. I wanted to reflect on a few personal experiences that attending UW-Stevens Point allowed me to have over the past four years. Read on!


I continued my passions! The flexibility of UWSP allowed me to continue my passion for music. I learned the power of perfection and enhanced my sense of listening in everything I do.


I chose UWSP for its location. Being in Central Wisconsin allowed me to continue many of my outdoor passions along with living on a beautiful campus. This was my view from my first dorm room in Burroughs Hall.

I Explored. Believe it or not, this business administration major started as a biology and art major. Going through college I gave myself the power to explore different subjects: religion, art, music, health and wellness, etc. I don’t think a semester went by without my major being altered in some way. UW-Stevens Point gave me the flexibility to be able to study in different programs while still graduating on time, and now I am have a well-rounded education with a multidimensional way to view problems and find solutions. 

I Connected. The support at UW-Stevens Point is spectacular! As a mid-sized university, it’s not difficult to reach out to professors and build a strong professional network within the university. I’ve also had more flexibility in my schedule to connect to professionals outside of school; taking on internships to explore my interests in different fields. It allowed me to see what I was truly interested in, network, and see how I could combine my passions and my studies.


I got to meet and live with my best friend. We met on Facebook the summer before our freshman year, our final year of college we finally got to live together.


I survived Anthropology. This will go down in history as the most memorable class … I will never forget the nights I spent memorizing ancient monkey lineages on the floor of my freshman dorm room.

I Experienced. Once you move away from home, you start to realize you have the power to choose exactly what you want to do. For me, it meant starting new hobbies while continuing others. I became an athlete, intern, student, musician, artist, author, mentor, and celebrated myself and those around me through the things I took part in on campus.

I Leaped. It’s now or never! What are you going to make out of your education? It’s your turn to make your decisions. For me it involved stepping up to the plate for a club leadership position with MRC, blogging for the College of Professional Studies, flying away for a semester in Spain, using my network for internships, and taking risks. You only get four years, make the most of them! Take active steps towards the person you want to become.

I Graduated. Although my graduation ceremony consisted of me walking through the arrivals gate at the airport … I graduated! It is possible! It will happen! and It’s not that bad! You’ll make it, hang in there.

courtneythankyou201406eAt the end of it all, thank you, UWSP. Choosing you gave me the opportunity to not only continue my education, but also to explore and expand myself. I’m not sure I would’ve had the same flexibility and opportunity to do everything I did the past four years at another university. Every time I see my diploma, I will be reminded of the work I put into both inside and outside the classroom thanks to the experience you offered me. 


Courtney Cerniglia is a 2014 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a degree in business administration and Spanish.


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