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HPW Internship: Ascension Employer Solutions

Posted by Deising, Deanna - June 26, 2015 - 2015 Internships, Clinic, HPW Internships, In-State, Worksite

HPW Student Internship Experience – Kathy Derks Summer 17′

Interning with Ascension – Employer Solutions being a EAP Intern was an eye-opening experience. I was pushed out of my comfort zone, forced to be able to adapt and gained valuable life lessons. Over the course of my internship I researched, created and co-facilitated numerous trainings and seminars to various audiences. Along with working with the EAP team, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the Ascension Wellness Team. With the Wellness Team, I attended meetings, created promotional items and joined them on monthly Lunch & Learns at various companies. When given the opportunity to work with the Ascension Wellness Team, I took full advantage. With them I gained insight of how their Wellness Department functions on a day – to – basis and their responsibilities. Both departments utilized my skills and knowledge from UW – Stevens Point to their fullest potential.
Being a EAP Intern, I was exposed to several work environments and team dynamics that you often do not see. Being behind the scenes of organizational teams and seeing how they operate, the positives and negatives, is one of the most valuable experiences that I have gained. One of the biggest projects that I contributed to during my internship was the Leadership Academy Train – the – Trainer (Confidence in Conflict) Program. Think of the Train – the – Trainer program as one giant ELE that you are now promoting and selling to companies across the country. Through this project, I had to exhaust all my knowledge that I gained through the Health Promotion and Wellness Program. From researching, creating activities, applying “text book” knowledge, writing, etc. – my education was put to the test. Also, one of the most valuable lessons/skills that I gained through my internship experience was public speaking skills and confidence. Last but not least, I sat in on multiple counseling sessions with clients who sought EAP out for numerous reasons. While sitting in on the counseling sessions, my supervisor used many techniques that we learned throughout the HPW program and it was very exciting to witness all the techniques working in real life scenarios.


  1. Behavior:
    1. Develop nutrition program for one company.
    2. Assist in teaching a smoking cessation program at 1-2 companies.
    3. Observe and assist in health risk screening reviews and health coaching at 2 companies.
    4. Observe and assist with Functional Movement Screening with one employer.
    5. Assist with personal training programs for employees.
    6. Assist wellness team with health screenings at various companies within the surrounding area. The biometric screening measures to be collected include: height/weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and body composition. Provide brief health coaching while screening participants.
  2. Promotion and Marketing:
    1. Assist wellness team in promoting wellness programs at two employers.
    2. Assist in monthly newsletter publication.
    3. Assist in website marketing plan.
    4. Prepare sign-up sheets, posters, and sample email messages for health screenings.
    5. Create displays, posters, and handouts for company on health related topics.
  3. Organizational Experiences:
    1. Assist in coordinating screening for a minimum of 3 employers. This includes pre-screening coordination with staff team (lab, occupational medicine, and on-site employer).
    2. Coordinate data collection, transfer and mailings for employer screenings.
    3. Attend planning, coordination, or reporting meetings as determined by occupational medicine staff or employers.
    4. Present one presentation to Stevens Point Fire Department.
    5. Shadow staff at Ascension Occupational Medicine and learn day-to-day operations with regards to:
      1. On-site clinic
      2. Physical and Occupational Therapy
      3. Drug Management Program
      4. Other occupational medicine program

On-Site Supervisor
Derek Bell
Health Promotion & Wellness Consultant
5412 Hwy 10 East
Stevens Point, WI 54482

40 hours a week – 400 total hours


UW-Stevens Point Students Who Completed Internship:

  • Brandon Omernik, Spring 17′
  • Kathy Derks, Summer 17′
  • Sarah Van Order, Fall 2015
  • Jesse Mahon, Spring 2014

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