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Teaching Partners faculty present pedagogy


From experiential learning with stroke survivors to using data collection technology for monitoring Schmeeckle Reserve in forestry classes to providing an opportunity for your students to stay on schedule, faculty members from various disciplines presented their pedagogy for the 2015 Teaching Partners program at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. [Photo Gallery]

Teaching Partners at UW-Stevens Point are faculty and teaching academic staff who are paired and asked to begin a discussion about teaching and learning. With the assistance of their partner, they learn a process to help begin critically evaluating their own teaching practices. Partners are paired across disciplines to give them an opportunity to meet colleagues in a field outside of their own and to be exposed to new teaching perspectives.

The following are the resultant projects or publications that were created by the 2015 teaching partners:


Completing its 21st year but first year as a universitywide initiative, the Teaching Partners program is led by co-directors of the Focus on Teaching and Learning program Donna Zimmerman and Kristi Roth. The 2016 participants recently completed orientation and are beginning with their projects which they will present in 2017.

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