CPS students present at UW System Symposium

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College of Professional Studies students from three majors showcased their research at the 2016 University of Wisconsin System Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity, hosted by UW-Stevens Point on Friday, April 22.

Athletic Training:

“How Sport Specialization Affects Lower Extremity Biomechanics and Injury Risk” by Valerie Mielke, Sarah Vitale, Madalyn Sawdey, Chelsie Harrison and Jamie Destache

“Do you need more than water during your workout? An examination of intra-workout carbohydrate consumption and exercise performance” by Ramona Marquardt, Samuel Joswiak, Nicholas Lemke and Sarah Pettit

Dietetics [photos]:

“Association Between Student Awareness of Dining and Summer Conferences Local Food Sourcing Initiatives and Their Attitudes Toward Sustainability” by Amelia Cisewski, Tianna Hamm, Deanna Nelson, Anna Kaisler and Tyler Roberts

Students Perceptions of Local Food Sourcing Compared to Actual University Efforts” by Lauren Sommer, Bri Grosskopf, Aryn DeGrave, Kelly Chmela and Jacob Richmond

Interior Architecture [photos]:

“Designing Beyond Visuals” by Joseph Taylor, Genevieve Richard and Taylor Kapalczynski

“Nature and Culture Education Center” by Genevieve Richard and Esteban Lomeli