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On Sunny Days the Tourist Comes Out

Posted by Resch, Miranda L - June 26, 2016 - Featured, Miranda R., Students, Study Abroad


London businesswomen by day, extreme tourist by weekend.

After days of rain and clouds, six University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students walked away from being working interns and turned into high-energetic crazy tourists.

Okay, I was the only one that turned into an extreme tourist with my DSL camera hanging from my neck, selfie stick stuck nearby in my purse and my iPhone at the ready to take a quick snap with a moments notice! My photos are capturing the moments I want time to freeze for me, so I’ve turned into one of those crazy moms who take a million photos of their child at their events to have the Kodak moment. The difference is I don’t have children; the similarity is I’m trying to create a Kodak moment for a time in my life I wish to never forget.

On the first nice day in London we went on a five-hour walk around the city looking at all of the most famous points: Tower of London, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Place and finally we saw the Horse Guards before heading back home.


Front: Jacob, Danielle and myself. Back: Kris, Zach, Christie and Rachael.

Four of us climbed up inside Tower Bridge, however, I wasn’t one of those four. It’s not that I’m scared of heights but if I have the opportunity to avoid it I will.

While everyone else spent around an hour inside the tower, I walked around and excessively photographed everything beautiful I saw. I found a cute coffee shop tucked away down a small alley way with cobble streets and got a tea before meeting back with the group at Tower Bridge. The first words out of Danielle’s mouth when she saw me were, “You would have hated it!” Little did any of us know the floor was glass and you looked straight down to the cars below you! Danielle was right, I never would have made it. Fair warning to anyone reading this who has a desire to visit London.


The sign said the glass could hold the weight of an elephant, but Danielle didn’t trust it!

From Tower Bridge, which many people confuse for London Bridge, we moved to London Bridge mostly to say we saw it because that’s about all you can do. Big Ben is actually the bell inside the famous clock tower that is attached to the Houses of Parliament which had to be rebuilt when a fire burned the Palace of Westmister in 1834. The Houses of Parliament were created to have the 15th century Gothic appearance that we see today.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” –Henry Miller

With nowhere to be and nothing but time on our hands, it was a wonderful day as a Londoner to aimlessly walk around the city and enjoy the history and stories it has to tell.

In our one day extreme tour of London, I saw a great deal of the city and fell more in love with it. All with the glorious advantage of destroying my 10,000 step goal!

Cheers from London!

Miranda Resch ’16 is a business administration-FIRE and Spanish double major at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

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