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Technology: Taken for granted?

Posted by Trzebiatowski, Max - August 22, 2016 - Academics, Advising, Business and Economics, Featured, Max Trzebiatowski, SBE Innovation, Technology


Max T

Max Trzebiatowski

As we begin to get geared up for the school year and our SBE Academic and Career Advising Center gets ready for all of the new and returning students, we find that more and more of what we do in our office is technology based. This summer we embarked on a project to digitize all of our student files. As I look at an average day, a lot of what I do is internet, email and computer based.

A typical day in the office for me initially started with dual monitors, but I’ve found that a tablet helps tremendously with student meetings, as it gives them an opportunity to work together with me as we complete all tasks in an advising meeting. They are able to access all of their information, while we work towards the same goals. I also recently added a scanner next to my computers as that has become such a popular method to send files … and this is only what I have at my desk! I love technology, and I keep adding to what I use.

UW-Stevens Point is great when it comes to technology and ease of use across campus. Classrooms are fitted with projectors, whiteboards and in some cases SMART Boards. There are computer labs in every building, and printers and scanners scattered across campus for students to use as well.


Also, you have GOT to check out the CCIT, or the Center for Collaborative & Interactive Technologies  in the College of Professional Studies Building. The Disability and Assistive Technology Center on the sixth floor of the Library is a must visit, too.

In the CCIT you can learn all about modern technology and online collaboration. Assistive technology is amazing, too! I absolutely love working with the gadgets. From pens that record lectures and prescribe your notes digitally, to software that allows you to make verbal dictations. Voice software is on the rise, so there is also software that will read to you what is on your Internet page.

The other thing that I love about our campus is the internet speed, actually this is probably my favorite. My wife and I just got Internet out at our house. Not trying to brag or anything but our satellite internet is wicked fast! It bolsters up to 15Mbps, but we are lucky if we get that. It’s usually right around 10Mbps! I hope you catch my sarcasm.

After speaking with a few people that know way more about technology than I do on campus, I found out that the university pumps out internet speeds that are about 2-3 times the regional average … an unbelievably fast connection. When searching for this answer one of the first responses to, “How fast is internet on campus?” the main networking person on campus said, “As fast as I can make it!” with a determined grin.

So if you are ever considering studying for a test either at home or somewhere around campus, I can personally vouch for the latter of the two.

You can pick up WiFi strolling around campus or just sitting comfortably in a study lounge. You can use one of the many desktop computers that is hard wired into the network and get the fastest connection we have on campus.

Bottom line: Campus technology is absolutely outstanding and we have amazing network connectivity and super fast internet on campus. You should definitely take advantage of it!

– Max T –

Max Trzebiatowski ’13 is the advising director in the UW-Stevens Point School of Business and Economics. He can be contacted at 715-346-2695, or in CPS 100.


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