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HPW Internship: Regions Hospital

Posted by Deising, Deanna - November 24, 2016 - 2015 Internships, Clinic, HPW Internships, Out-of-State, Worksite

HPW Student Internship Experience – Brandon Elsner 15′
Interning at Regions Hospital in their employee wellness department was such a great well rounded experience. Regions has an outstanding wellness culture that’s growing every day. As a part of my internship I had the opportunity to lead group exercise classes, develop marketing and promotional materials, health coach, conduct personal training sessions with employees, and much more. I also had a few big projects to focus on throughout my internship. I was a big part of the planning of the grand opening for the Center for Employee Resilience and the
operation of it after it opened. Also, I was part of the construction meetings for the new fitness center that’s currently under construction. I gave a couple lunch-and-learns, and created a few programs including a wellness book club/coaching group among many other projects! Regions is a place that really values the health and wellness of its employees for the right reasons and it was so great to be a part of that. Brandon is shown above presenting information on the Regions employee health and wellness department and new fitness center at the annual health fair. He had the opportunity to help plan and run the health fair, and was a part of the planning for the new employee fitness center and the construction management aspect of it, which he feels was a unique experience.


  1. Behavior:
    1. Lead group exercise classes and possibly develop and lead new ones.
    2. Conduct personal training sessions with individuals and/or groups.
    3. Conduct health coaching sessions with Region’s employees.
    4. Develop programs in the various dimensions of wellness based on the needs of the employees and present them.
  2. Promotion and Marketing:
    1. Create handouts, posters, bulletin boards, etc. to promote various programs, fitness classes, personal training, and health coaching.
    2. Promote wellness week/ health fair.
  3. Organizational Experiences:
    1. Complete at least one project from start to finish such as walking routes, wellness apps, etc.
    2. Attend appropriate meetings, work with budgeting, and learn about facility management.
    3. Work with supervisor to plan and coordinate wellness week/health fair.

On-Site Supervisor
Brooke Campbell
Well-Being Health Coach and Coordinator,
Employee Wellness
640 Jackson Street
St Paul, MN 55101

6:00 am-2:30 pm (M,Th) 8:30 am-5:00 pm (W) Eventually will work Fridays instead of Thursdays
Total 25.5 hour per week


UW-Stevens Point Students Who Completed Internship

  • Brandon Elsner, Fall 2015 (pictured above)

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