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HPW Internship: University of Iowa – Strength and Conditioning

Posted by Deising, Deanna - June 15, 2017 - 2017 Internships, HPW Internships, Out-of-State, Worksite

HPW Student Internship Experience – Kenadi Batchelor Spring 17′
While interning at the University of Iowa, I gained a wealth of experience in what it takes to be a strength and conditioning coach at the collegiate level. This internship gave me the opportunity to not only learn more about a BIG 10 Strength and Conditioning Program, but also how to coach and motivate athletes. During my time at Iowa I was exposed to programming, efficient organization, and multiple technologies. The teams that I assisted in coaching on a day to day basis were women’s soccer, softball, men’s tennis, and men’s and women’s dive. Throughout the internship, I was given multiple opportunities to coach on my own athletes in both a team and individual setting. At the beginning of the internship each intern was required to present 4 progressions to the staff using the other interns as mock athletes. This semester long internship also involved curriculums and article clubs presented by the staff during which the interns could ask questions. The interns also had weekly cleaning duties as well as restocking the refueling station for the athletes.


  1. Behavior:
    1. Complete and be actively engaged in the University of Iowa Olympic Strength and Conditioning Internship curriculum.
    2. Test and evaluate athletes to determine training progress.
    3. Educate athletes on the fundamental mechanics of sports movements including, but not limited to sport specific conditioning, strength gains, speed development, etc. so that they may execute each movement in competition with more speed, power, and quickness as well as more efficiently.
  2. Promotion and Marketing:
    1. Assist athletes to complete exercise progressions when needed and complete mock assignments (assigned an exercise, complete exercise in front of mock group of athletes, check off).
    2. Attend and/ or promote the University of Iowa athletics, coaching clinics, and facilities.
    3. Promote healthy eating and proper hydration to the athletes.
  3. Organizational Experiences:
    1. Observe and gain knowledge in proper office behavior and effective communications with sports coaches and athletic department staff.
    2. Help staff to maintain and upkeep facilities.
    3. Help facilitate and actively learn best practice for organization in the strength center and respective facilities for optimal use and safety.
    4. Assist staff in all day-to-day operations, such as the implementation of strength and conditioning programs for 23 varsity sports, set up, and breakdown of training equipment and assisting in the maintenance and upkeep of the facility.

Internship Supervisor
Zachary Walrod
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
N150C Carver Hawkeye Arena
Iowa City, IA 52242

Not specific about weekly hours, indicated I will fulfill 400 minimum hours


UW-Stevens Point Student Who Completed Internship

  • Kenadi Batchelor (pictured above)
  • Kyle Stocks, Spring 2013
  • Jacob Brant, Fall 2010

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