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HPW Internship: Divine Savior

Posted by Deising, Deanna - March 16, 2018 - HPW Internships, In-State, Worksite

Overall Goal of Internship
At completion of this internship, the intern will gain an excellent understanding and knowledge of how Divine Savior Healthcare provides a variety of health and wellness programs to employees/community-sponsored events. The intern will gain experience in behavior change facilitation including Health Risk Assessment, intervention, and reassessment, and will create promotional and marketing projects to increase participation or sales. The organizational experiences will allow for some supervision of an event, small budget experiences, in-service training, and shadowing of the internship supervisor. The intern will work with and be supervised by the Divine Savior Healthcare on-site internship supervisor, Marla Ruth. The intern will complete experiences as outlined by the following specific objectives and be evaluated on his/her performance in each of these areas.

The student will complete 3-4 resume-building experiences from the categories below. Specific projects and outcomes will be added as addendum to this plan within the first 2 weeks of being on-site. A copy will be submitted to the internship advisor at the end of the internship.


  1. Behavior Change:
    1. Assist with a work-site wellness Ready Set Lose, weight loss competition for a group of 8 employees by coordinating group meetings, group workouts, handouts, tips, and recipes to motivate employees to lose weight.
    2. Plan and implement a Holiday Weight Loss Challenge for employees; includes motivational meetings and/or handouts to encourage behavior change.
    3. Assist with the weekly meetings for employee weight management group called “Let’s Lose It.” This includes developing handouts, individual coaching, biometric measurement, and assisting individuals with a weight loss plans.
    4. Assist with coordination of exercise classes to promote fitness as a lifestyle choice.
    5. Plan and implement activities and challenges for the Employee Wellness Program that result in behaviors that foster decreasing risk factors.
    6. Assist with employee Health Risk Assessments, both on and off site, to provide education regarding “know your number” as a behavior motivation tool.
    7. Assist with planning and implementing the annual Women’s Night Out health promotion event that assists women in finding a path to health preventative practices that will enhance the quality of their lives.
    8. Develop an obesity prevention program for the area schools to engage students in healthy preventative activities.
    9. Develop online health education modules for employees on at least 2 subjects.
    10. Assist with planning and implementing a Breast Cancer Awareness Event.
    11. Plan and oversee the Poker Walk challenge for employees that encourage an active lifestyle using aerobic activity.
    12. Take blood pressures at the community blood pressure screening events to identify individuals at risk for high blood pressure and to provide awareness of the health implications regarding hypertension.
    13. Assist with community cholesterol screening events to identify individuals that need to take action to decrease their chances of developing heart disease or experiencing a heart attack.
  2. Promotion and Marketing:
    1. Assist with advertising all health promotion programs and events offered through the Education Department.
    2. Promote the Education Department’s community programs with a booth at the Women’s Night Out event.
    3. Assist with the coordination, implementation and advertising of Divine Savior’s blood drives for employees and the community.
    4. Assist with creating and distributing the Education Department’s quarterly health promotion newsletter.
    5. Assist with updating the Education Department’s community education programs on the Divine Savior website.
    6. Assist with promoting the Women’s Night Out event through the website, newsletter, newspaper, radio, flyers, and emails.
    7. Develop flyers and emails for employees promoting wellness activities.
    8. Develop healthy eating materials to be displayed in the café bulletin board.
    9. Create a healthy eating booth to be displayed in the Tivoli (Nursing Home) Bistro.
    10. Assist the Health Resources Coordinator with promotion of on-site health promotion services for businesses.
    11. Develop a press release for the Health & Wellness section of newspaper.
    12. Assist with the innovative online social media format for employee wellness engagement called the “Keas Wellness Challenge.”
  3. Organizational:
    1. Assist in orientation with advising new employees about the health promotion opportunities available with the employee wellness program.
    2. Attend Speaker’s Bureau committee planning meetings.
    3. Attend Employee Wellness committee planning meetings.
    4. Assist with coordinating and attend in-service trainings.
    5. Work with the Health Resources Coordinator regarding business meetings to promote expansion of wellness services for their employees.
    6. Analyze the results and implications of completed participant evaluation forms for community health promotion programs.
    7. Evaluate health risk assessment aggregate data regarding actions to be taken.
    8. Sign employees up for their Health Risk Assessment appointments.
    9. Create information packets for the employee wellness program participants.

Marla Ruth, RN, MSN
Director of Education
2817 New Pinery Rd, Portage WI 53901
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Minimum of 11 weeks, 36 hours/week for at least 400 hours total


UW-Stevens Point Students Who Completed Internship

  • Lynn Marshall, Fall 2013 (pictured above)

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