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HPW Internship: Wellspring Adventure Camp

Posted by Deising, Deanna - March 16, 2018 - Community, HPW Internships, Out-of-State

Overall Goal of Internship

At the completion of this internship, the intern will have developed an excellent understanding and working knowledge of Wellsprings Adventure Camp in North Carolina.  The intern will gain skills and knowledge in areas of behavior change facilitation, promotion & marketing, and organization & administration from experiences approved by the site supervisor.  The intern agrees to follow all employee rules and facility guidelines including transportation of campers off-site.  The intern will make useful contributions to Wellsprings Adventure Camp in North Carolina.


  1. Behavior Change:
    1. Facilitate personal training sessions and demonstrate exercise techniques for campers.
    2. Lead group yoga sessions at base camp.
    3. Assist with Nutrition Instruction group programs.
    4. Aid in conducting pre and post health/fitness assessments of campers.
    5. Assist with weekly weigh-ins and conduct ongoing 1:1 evaluations of at least ten WAC campers.
    6. Shadow weekly group meetings between the same group of WAC campers and their Behavioral Coach.
    7. Possibly observe individual behavior coaching sessions between Behavioral Coach and camper.
    8. Initiate and instruct potential program involving one of the 7 Dimensions of Wellness* for WAC participants.
  2. Promotion and Marketing:
    1. Update and maintain the WAC parent website.
    2. Prepare a biweekly article to post on WAC website.
    3. Design and update a monthly bulletin board to promote physical activity and yoga.
    4. Prepare a potential program involving one of the 7 Dimensions of Wellness* for WAC participants.
  3. Organization and Administration:
    1. Learn about and assist in daily facility operations.
    2. Attend staff training and orientation.
    3. Organize personal training programs and yoga sessions.
    4. Carry out regularly scheduled office work shifts and help with administrative duties:
      1. Assist in organizing and facilitating “WAC Family Workshops.”
      2. Update and maintain the WAC parent website.
    5. Shadow administrative heads of WAC and learn the operations of their specific area.
    6. Attend and observe regularly scheduled meetings with Wellspring staff and within the WAC team.
    7. Observe meetings regarding budget and finance of WAC facility.

* 7 Dimensions of Wellness: SPECIES Model = Social, Physical, Emotional, Career, Intellectual, Environmental, Spiritual

Kathy Hogan, MS, NCC
Program Manager
312 Camp Hope Road
Canton, NC 28716
(414) 291-9355

Minimum 400 hours

Lifeguard training & certification; Room and Board; $556.00 biweekly

UW-Stevens Point Students Who Completed Internship

  • Anna Lucas, 2009 (pictured above)

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