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HPW Internship: Wisconsin Woodchucks Ballpark Operations

Posted by Deising, Deanna - October 16, 2018 - Community, Health Sciences and Wellness, HPW Internships, In-State

Interning with the Wisconsin Woodchucks has been an amazing opportunity.  Most people would not think that baseball would be a part of wellness, but you can find wellness anywhere. A huge part of this internship is social wellness.  Working hands on with people to create a great time.  My duties and responsibilities include: assist in the execution of daily ballpark operations, assist in management and scheduling of game-day staff, prepare ballpark for daily events, fulfill daily food preparation requirements (Caterings, pre/post-game team meals, concessions, etc.), assist in ordering and receiving inventory, knowledge of all game-day activities and specialties, assist in presentation and cleanliness of ballpark before, during, and after game.  I work long hours, sometimes fifteen hours a day.  The day goes so fast because it is such a fun environment.

The picture to the right shows me and a group of UWSP students/alumni who all work at the ball park.  This was one of our marketing/promotions events.  Every game has a different theme and this was me helping out by promoting UWSP people who work at the ballpark to encourage other students/alumni to come join us at the game.

My favorite part of this internship was getting the opportunity to be outside everyday and interacting with fans!  My dream job would include these opportunities.  I was able to interact with other interns in different areas of the ballpark and that gave me opportunities to get involved with projects there were working on.  My dream job would include these characteristics.  I want a job that I love going to everyday and includes sports.  My goal is to become an athletic director.


  1. Behavior Change:
    1. Examples of game-day activities include set-up and distribution of promotional materials within ballpark and execution of theme nights, fireworks, and daily food & beverage promotions.
    2. Working with the staff, including the front office, intern team, and mainly, the game-day staff.
    3. Cleanliness of the ballpark – Upholding a high standard of cleanliness within the ballpark in addition to maintaining a safe environment for staff and fans alike.
    4. Staff behavior management. Ballpark Operations manages a staff of 75 every game. Ages will range from 14 to approximately 65. Managing a staff with such a large range in age can be very trying. It takes an immense amount of patience and understanding to balance all outlooks on employment, work ethic, forms of respect and communication, etc.
  2. Promotion and Marketing:
    1. Prepare ballpark for daily events
    2. Assist in presentation of ball park before, during, and after games
    3. Game day activities and specialties
  3. Organizational Experiences:
    1. Execution of events providing entertainment and all-inclusive food & beverage packages with capacities ranging from 8 to 1,500 guests each home game
    2. Execution of non-game day events including non-Woodchucks baseball and softball games, Red, White & Boom 4th of July Festival, Shrimp Boil: Catered by Thrive Foodery, Food Truck & Beer Festival, and Athletic Park’s Kickball Tournament
    3. Management and scheduling of game-day staff
    4. Assist in execution of ballpark operations
    5. Fulfill daily food preparation requirements (catering, pre/post game meals, concessions)
      1. Assist in preparation while providing direction to staff to complete given tasks. Caterings: minimum of 6 per Woodchucks game. Pre/Post:game team meals for 70 players and coaches per team. In addition to Pre/post and snack for 3 umpires per Woodchucks game. Concessions: 3 full concessions, plus a minimum of 3 kiosks open per Woodchucks game.
    6. Assist in ordering and receiving inventory from a minimum of 5 food & beverage vendors.


Megan Birchmeier

Director of Operations for Wisconsin Woodchucks Baseball Club

2401 N 3rd St.

Wausau, WI 54403



Phone: 715.845.5055 ext. 108

at least 40 hours per week with over time

$1500/summer plus opportunities for hourly wage of $8/hr

UW-Stevens Point Students Who Completed Internship

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