Getting connected with your college community at UWSP

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Anderson Center

Looking to make friends in college but just don’t know where to begin? Search no further for the best get-together ideas as they lie right underneath this paragraph. Before we dive right into where to go on campus, it’s important to remember that it’s okay to put yourself out there, that’s what college is all about. You’re not going to remain friends with everyone you meet, and you might not even like them to begin with, but trying new things and meeting new people is a college staple; and one that you certainly want to try. Take the leap, introduce yourself and see where new friendships can take you. 

Study Together

Round up a group of people (or maybe just 1-2) from your class and put your minds together for a study session. Not only can you reap the benefits of study time, but you can also make some new friends along the way.

On-Campus Events

Looking for a way to break up that study time and get out of the dorm? On-campus events are a wonderful way to go out and meet new people with similar interests. If you’re struggling to find events you’re interested in, or find yourself always late to the party, check out SPIN for the list of upcoming events. Not only does SPIN provide a list of past and upcoming events, but it also lists every club/organization on campus, and that join button is only one click away!

You can follow the link provided: or find it on the UWSP logins page.

Pro Events

If you’re a student in the Sentry School of Business and Economics, Pro Events are definitely worth checking out, even if you’ve attended the required amount for your courses. These events can assist you in networking with other business students and even business members of the community. Some of these events are even open for any student to attend, so bring your friends!

On-Campus Job

Anderson Center Open House

This was my personal saving grace when trying to get better connected on campus. UWSP has on-campus jobs ranging from university dining, to lifeguards, to peer advisers. Whatever your interest, they’ve got a job for it. Having a job on campus not only allows you to earn some extra cash during the school year but also allows you to foster a bond with those around you. And who knows, you might even find some students in the same major!

Schmeeckle Reserve

Schmeeckle Reserve

I don’t know about you, but this was one of the big ticket items that made me want to attend UWSP. Schmeeckle Reserve has so many activities to offer including multiple hiking and biking trails, picnic spots, and the Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame. It’s easy to spend hours lost in nature, so why not do it right here on campus? You can even check out the Candlelight Hike Festival offered once each semester for an opportunity to enjoy nature at night.

Basement Brewhaus

One of my favorite places on campus, the Basement Brewhaus can be found at the basement of the DUC.

Once you are able to find people that you share common interests with, it’s important to remember to be intentional about who you’re friends with. Having an idea in mind of the type of person you want to orient yourself with will help you to make meaningful, long-lasting friendships.

Ariana Mueller is a business administration student in the Sentry School of Business and Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Originally from Wausau, Wis., Ariana serves as a peer adviser in the Anderson Classroom to Career Center.