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ROTC completes Combat Water Survival Test

Posted by UWSPcps - February 7, 2013 - Academics, Featured, Military Science

Jumping off a high dive or swimming across a pool may be a fear for some, but not for the students in the military science program at UW-Stevens Point who completed the Combat Water Survival Test on Thursday, Feb. 7. To make it even more difficult, they completed these tasks in full uniform while carrying equipment. [View Photos]
The students completed three events:
  1. Cadets perform a 15-meter swim while wearing ACU uniform, shoes, complete Load Caring Equipment (LCE), and a rubber M16 rifle;
  2. While wearing all of the above cadets jump into the pool and completely submerge, discard weapon and LCE while submerged, and resurface;
  3. Cadets walk off the high dive blindfolded holding a rubber M16 rifle. Upon entering the water, cadets must remove the blindfold and swim back to poolside without losing control of the rubber M16.

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