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Springtime in Point

Posted by Alexia Szabo - April 29, 2014 - Alexia, Featured, Students


Frolf course in Stevens Point

Hola chicos!


My mom and I in front of the state capitol this past weekend. I went home and we were able to go to the farmers market on the square.

I don’t want to jinx it, but it looks like spring is finally here! This last week or so there has been beautiful weather here in Stevens Point and it’s pretty obvious how much of a better mood everyone is in because of it. One of my favorite things about UWSP and the Stevens Point community as a whole, is how much everyone embraces nature and adapts to changes in the weather. As each season comes and goes, new activities arise and shift with the changing of the weather. I’m not sure if it is because UWSP has a great College of Natural Resources or what, but everyone seems to love nature no matter what they are here to study. I can’t even describe how happy this weather makes me feel. Currently I’m sitting in the sun writing this post while someone cutting the grass in the yard and I just finished spring cleaning my entire house. Last week there were actives to celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day and the whole campus seemed to embrace it. As spring seems to have finally sprung, more outdoor actives are coming about again. I thought I would share with everyone some of my favorite things that are happening in Stevens Point right now as the weather is starting to get warmer.

First, I just love the basic actives and seeing people outside again. For so long during the winter everyone is cooped up inside and you almost forget what it’s like to see people outside besides just walking as fast as possible to classes. People are out and about riding their bikes and taking walks just for fun. People are hanging out in their yards, grilling out dinner, and playing yard games. Even just sitting outside and reading or studying makes boring tasks so much better. Campus and the surrounding area has come back to life just as the grass has come back from its brown, dormant state. Clubs and sports are returning to the outdoors and everyone seems to be enjoying it. The frolf/discing courses are drying out and I know I can’t wait to head out to a park and play a round or two. I also love seeing all the mopeds around campus. Next weekend my parents are bringing my moped back up to Stevens Point and I’m beyond excited to ride around and feel the breeze around me.


Plants I have around my house!

Another thing I love during the springtime is the return on gardening. Last week I bought almost a dozen new herbs, vegetables and flowers to plant in pots around our house again. Bringing the green inside makes our house even seem happier. Next month the famers market will start back up downtown. I can’t wait to walk down there in the morning to get fresh vegetables, herbs and other wonderful items. If you can’t garden at your house or you live in the dorms, there are various clubs on campus that work with the campus garden. One thing I love about the campus garden is that they have a space to compost that anyone can take their compostable goods. If you’re not into buying plants and things like that, get excited for garage sales. I don’t know why really but I love finding cheap, random items at garage sales and even just walking around to various sales is fun.

So there you have it, some fun things about Stevens Point in the spring. I feel like I could come up with at least a dozen more things that I love about Stevens Point in the spring. So everyone get out an enjoy the weather we’ve been waiting for. Even if it does rain this week just think, April showers bring May flowers! : )

Hasta Luego,

Alexia Szabo is a senior majoring in economics, Spanish and international studies at UW-Stevens Point.

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