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Visiting family

Posted by Weichel, Justin A - October 31, 2011 - Justin W., Students

I’m sure most students miss their family to some extent. Especially if they only see their family a few times a year. I think many students would like to see their family more often, but unfortunately many things keep students from doing so.

For the past two years, I saw my family only a few days during winter, spring and summer break. I often had other priorities over family which included school, work, friends, self-development and my girlfriend. I was very close to my younger siblings in high school, so it was really difficult not seeing them as much. I often look at pictures, and think about them.

For the academic year of 2010-11, I did not have a very long break. I took a winterim class and eight credits during the summer. I tried to see my family when I had a few days off. A few days during the summer, I had my younger siblings stay with me in Stevens Point. I took them bowling, to movies, horseback riding, and for walks through the Green Circle. I always felt sad when they had to leave.

When my summer came to an end, I made a commitment to myself. The commitment was to see my younger siblings and my parents at least twice a month. During this semester, I had my younger siblings with me during Homecoming weekend. We had a great time together. We went bowling, saw the Lion King in 3D and spent time together as a family. We were also on television that weekend. I took them to the Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum and a reporter from a news station recorded us.

I hope everyone gets a chance to spend some quality time with their family during the school year. It can be difficult to make the time, but you might find it rewarding.

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