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Athletes at risk of Vocal Cord Dysfunction

Posted by UWSPcps - April 11, 2012 - Academics, Communicative Disorders, Faculty & Staff, Featured, Outreach

Dr. Daniel Kraeger (Ministry Sports Medicine), Mary Day (UWSP Communicative Disorders) and Jodi Waltenberg, ATC (Ministry Sports Medicine)

Yelling for an entire game, coaches are usually the ones hoarse in the post-game press conference, but athletes are also at risk for vocal cord problems as Mary Day, MS, CCC-SLP, clinical associate professor of communicative disorders at UW-Stevens Point, explained in her free presentation “Vocal Cord Dysfunction in Student-Athletes” at Ministry Health Care on Wednesday, April 11.

Day was able to heighten the awareness of the sports medicine professional of the signs and symptoms of this disorder. Vocal cord dysfunction is a complex airway disorder which leads to uncontrolled closure of the vocal cords during inhalation and/or exhalation. The profile for this disorder includes children and adolescents who are high achievers and participate in competitive sports. Approximately 3-5% of high school and collegiate athletes experience this condition. Many have multiple visits to the emergency room and undergo unnecessary testing  in order to determine the nature of the breathing problem.


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