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Designing with disabilities in mind

Posted by UWSPcps - October 16, 2012 - Academics, Featured, Interior Architecture

Students in IA 411 Senior Studio explored the Dreyfus University Center to gain an understanding of how people with disabilities maneuver in and interact with a space for their class project designing a 40,000-square foot spa for clients with disabilities. Photo Gallery

“Architectural and interior designs tend to communicate predominantly through visual components, while other sensory aspects (such as sounds, temperatures, textures, etc) are not emphasized as much–and sometimes  even altogether ignored,” says Prof. Nisha Fernando.

“In this project, I wanted my IA senior students to focus on design as a multi-sensory endeavor, on creating spaces for all people, not just people who can see and hear,” says Fernando. “Additionally, I wanted students to dive into what truly inclusive design is about–that designing for everyone is not just an after thought, but  a driving force behind every aspect of their design.”

“The beauty of inclusive design is that it works for everyone, not just a limited proportion of people, while creating interesting, sensory rich, wholesome built environments for all.”

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