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Posted by Buechel, Kate S - October 26, 2012 - Kate B., Students

Well, it’s almost November! How is your semester going?

We are paying a lot of money to go to school. Our grades will impact the rest of our lives. Grades can reflect how much you studied, how often you went to class, and how often you sought out the help of a professor. They may sway the decision on whether to hire you.

Imagine you are at a job interview. The person sitting next to you is like you in every way, except one. You chose not to study, while they did. Who do you think the interviewers are going to choose? The one with the great personality and impressive grades or the one with the great personality and sub-par grades.

Now’s the time to evaluate how this semester is going. Set aside some time, grab some coffee, print off your DPR, pull up your grades in D2L (if on there), and take a look at how well you have been doing. What study habits have helped you while you study? What hasn’t? Do you need a distraction free environment? Do you need to turn off the music so you can focus? Do you need to get off the internet and into a textbook?

If you were interviewing someone with grades like yours, would you hire them? If not, you still have half a semester’s worth of opportunities to work on your grades.

Now, I am not saying that you need to spend whatever free time you have in a text book. What I am saying that there needs to be balance between friends and studying. BUT remember, studying (in most cases) should take priority over your social life.

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