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Full of hot air

Posted by Cerniglia, Courtney M - July 17, 2013 - Courtney C., Featured, Students

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Stevens Point and the surrounding area is full of fun events to attend! Here’s one I enjoyed last weekend:

A few friends and I made a spontaneous trip to Wausau this past weekend to watch the hot air balloons at the balloon rally! It was spectacular!

Tons of people were there, loaded with lawn chairs, blankets, kids and deep-fried cheese curds. Live music was playing and people stood in lines for their personal favorite BBQ stand. My friend and I waited patiently for a sweet cream puff sold by a cute elderly woman sitting in a food truck.

We laid out our blankets and got our cameras ready. A few balloons took off into the sky before the main event, and the operators waved from feet above our heads. There were also brightly colored airplanes taking off to fly around from the grounds as well. It was fun to watch children’s faces light up as a balloon or plane took flight.


As the sun started to set, we watched as a whole line of balloons started to inflate. They were so beautiful; bright colors and patterns that seemed so surreal in front of you. They’re big and majestic, and the owners are so proud of their balloons.


Since the sun was setting, the fire to heat the air in the balloons was bright and stunning. As more of the balloons rose, the audience would count down for them to ‘glow’ simultaneously. It was a gorgeous glow that lit up the whole field and gasps and cheers would come from the audience.


When the sun went down, the balloons slowly deflated. Some stars peeked through clouds and we got comfy in the grass to watch the firework show. Boom! Bang! Pow! They were beautiful displays in the sky. Just when people thought they were over, they’d start up again! The finale was brilliant as the sound shook you and the lights sparkled in your eyes.

We gathered our blankets and cream puff napkins, and headed back to our car. I was so happy after the event I was on cloud nine. What a fun event to be a part of and see!


Courtney Cerniglia is a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point majoring in business administration and Spanish.

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