HPW Internship: Peoria Hospital-UnityPoint Health-Methodist

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HPW Student Internship Experience – Kirsten Perkinson Fall 17′
What I did:
My internship is with Unity Point Health Methodist | Proctor in Peoria Illinois. To start my internship off I spent four weeks in cardiopulmonary rehab. Within the rehab facility they run a LiveWell program where individuals that have graduated from phase II can continue to workout in a safe facility that offers more than a regular gym. We take their blood pressure, oxygen level, and pulse before and after their workout. I also helped leading some exercises, and setting up machines. I would also help with Phase II classes by taking blood pressures before, during, and after their workout. I would also lead a lightweight warm up. While the patients work though their workout we would also ask about their breathing and RPE levels. Lastly, I would observe orientations for individuals starting the program, and took their starting measurements of weight, blood pressure, waist circumference, oxygen level, heart rate, and their six-minute walk test.
What I am doing:
I am currently working on a program through Unity Point called the Wellmobile. This is a mobile health center, which focuses on community wellness. We go out to local towns and events to do screenings. The screenings I have been conducting include cholesterol, glucose, spirometry, and blood pressure. I have gotten the opportunity to observe fitness classes as well as personal training, and will be working my way into teaching some classes. I am currently working on the bulletin board for the month of November, and I will be working on program planning for the year of 2018. I will be assisting in writing articles, creating activities, and videos that will be available to employees. I also have time assisting people at the front desk taking phone calls, collecting biometric sheets from employees, and assisting in weigh in for a program currently being run.


  1. Behavior:
    1. Gain experience in more than one area of wellness. Learn and grow in skills through engagement in employee, corporate, and community wellness.
    2. To be utilized as a helpful “employee” to the wellness group of Unity Point Health Methodist | Proctor.
    3. Be given responsibilities that would be true to a real wellness job.
    4. Gain professional experiences that will further my career and feedback to my skills and efforts once a week.
  2. Promotion and Marketing:
    1. Help promote the programs during the fall of 2017 and help schedule for 2018 within Unity Point Health Methodist | Proctor.
    2. Help market programs, and healthy information around Unity Point Health Methodist | Proctor.
    3. Help market upcoming events online, on bulletin boards, or through a daily email.
    4. Research the viability of programs. Make sure they are compatible with target community.
  3. Organizational Experiences:
    1. Gain more experience with personal training, and group fitness.
    2. Sit in on conference calls and meetings for the wellness department, and how Unity Point runs their facilities.
    3. Run or assist with health screenings within the community or at Unity Point Health Methodist | Procto

On-Site Supervisor
Unity Point Health Methodist | Proctor (Peoria, Illinois)

At least 400 hours total


UW-Stevens Point Students Who Completed Internship

  • Kristen Perkinson, Fall 2017 (pictured above)