HPW Internship: New Vision Wilderness Therapy

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Overall Goal of Internship
At completion of this internship, the intern will gain an excellent understanding and knowledge of how
New Vision Wilderness provides a variety of health and wellness programs to its adolescent clients. The
intern will gain experience in behavior change facilitation including Health Risk Assessment, intervention, and reassessment, and will create promotional and marketing projects to increase participation or sales. The organizational experiences will allow for some supervision of an event, small budget experiences, inservice training, and shadowing of the internship supervisor. The intern will work with and be supervised by New Vision Wilderness on-site internship supervisor, Adam Eader. The intern will complete experiences as outlined by the following specific objectives and be evaluated on his/her performance in each of these areas.

The student will complete 3-4 resume-building experiences from the categories below. Specific projects
and outcomes will be added as addendum to this plan within the first 2 weeks of being on-site. A copy
will be submitted to the internship advisor.


  1. Behavior Change:
    1. Observe New Vision Wilderness’ group and one-to-one wilderness therapy, which
      includes goal development and self-awareness. Facilitate and supervise groups in day to
      day activities such as group physical and emotional safety, itinerary, team building,
      lesson plans, projects, and any other day activities.
    2. Work with struggling teens (under observation, and then with limited supervision) to
      evaluate their progress on interventions and assess behavior for improvements and
      personal growth.
    3. Gain experience conducting day to day facilitation of programming, including: risk
      management, implementation of program philosophy, student supervision, leadership and
      responsible decision making. Supervise students; facilitate hiking, canoeing, camping,
      wilderness skills, group social interaction, help with homework, trail building, our mastery
      program, help with logistical support, etc.
  2. Promotion and Marketing:
    1. Work with New Vision Wilderness administration on projects and other assigned tasks,
      such as to increase awareness of programs, or increase participation by students in
      treatment assignments.
    2. Observe and assist with other marketing activities for the organization. Provide
      outreach to counselors, court officers that assign students to the program.
  3. Organizational Experiences:
    1. Observe and assist New Vision Wilderness administration with activities that occur daily
      in the organization’s business environment. Help coordinate with schools to get school
      work out to kids, help create marketing materials that will promote different parts of
      our company, represent NVW at fairs, etc.
    2. Participate and observe general staff meetings. Bring one new healthy idea to each staff
    3. Work on research or other committee assigned tasks.

Adam Eader
Education Director
1580 S. 81st St.
West Allis, WI 53214

400 hours total / Schedule TBD.


UW-Stevens Point Students Who Completed Internship

  • Anna Hemlock, Spring 2012 (pictured above)