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Spring 2021 winners honored with Albertson Medallion, Chancellor’s Leadership Award

Two awards are regularly presented to the best and brightest graduates at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point–the Albertson Medallion and Chancellor’s Leadership Award. For the spring 2021 semester, nine of the Albertson Medallion recipients and 28 winners of the Chancellor’s Leadership Award were students from the College of Professional Studies. 

These students are a select group of graduating seniors who throughout their careers at UW-Stevens Point have contributed significant leadership, demonstrated campus and/or community service and shown a commitment to personal growth. All of the university honorees were recognized during a ceremony on Wednesday, May 12. [Photo Album]

The Albertson Medallion is the highest award given by UWSP; less than one percent of the graduating class is selected. These students are a select group of graduating seniors who have shown tremendous leadership through academia and stewardship at UW-Stevens Point. 

The Chancellor’s Leadership Award was developed at the urging of Chancellor Lee Sherman Dreyfus in 1978. Until then, the only award given to graduates for their university career achievements was the Albertson Award. Since relatively few met the qualifications for an Albertson Award, Chancellor Dreyfus was concerned that the last thing many of our graduates heard from the university after years of contributions was that they had lost. He felt all who had provided significant service to the university community should receive some honor, and from that annual pool, the Albertson Award should be selected.

Albertson Medallion
Chancellor's Leadership Award

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