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School and stuff

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So the thing they never tell you about studying abroad is that you actually have to study sometimes … It’s rough. No, really it’s not too bad; I’m actually taking an Art and Architecture class and a Theatre class, and they’re both incredibly enlightening. You may think to yourself, “My, what’s that got to do […]


Je Veux McAroon

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  They serve macaroons at McDonald’s in France. No kidding; we couldn’t believe it! Just to clarify we only went into McDonald’s in Paris in the first place because we heard about the macaroons and just had to try. Now I’m no macaroon connoisseur, but we had one in the group and she said they […]


Artist’s London

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One really nice thing about London is all the little (and big) art galleries everywhere. I know in my Tate rant I may have given a certain impression, but I swear I’m not an indiscriminate art hater–in fact I quite enjoy most of it. I had an interesting interaction with an artist who had a […]


The Internship

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As I mentioned in blog #1, I am currently involved in an internship at a charity named emerge poverty free here in London. It has been an extremely interesting experience thus far, and I’d like to talk about it just a bit. First off, to be honest I was very nervous about this internship; I […]


Tate Hate

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I absolutely hate the Tate Modern Art Gallery. Absolutely hate it. I know hate is a strong word, but I’m not going to relinquish that statement and I’ll tell you why. First off is the building itself. It is absolutely repulsive–a giant square brick building with a brick tower in the center that hovers over […]


Family Times: Bucks, Brothers and Business

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On sunny autumn Saturdays like this one, I can’t help but think longingly of my family back in Abbotsford, Wis. What are they doing right now? The answer to that question is: Lord only knows. As owners of a family milk trucking business, there was never a lack of excitement on days like today. They […]


ISH – It’s better than it sounds

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One of the great things about the London program is the housing; we’re staying in the International Student House (ISH) in Central London, literally bordering Regent’s Park (the equivalent of Central Park in New York). It’s interesting, this is an area of wealth like few of us have ever experienced. I walk outside and there […]


Introduction: Meet Lee Bartnik

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My name is Lee Bartnik and I am a super senior studying dietetics at UW-Stevens Point and I’m currently enrolled in the London internship semester program. This is my blog, written to my fellow students to entertain and possibly inform. Well, it is Sunday evening, which usually means struggling to find a live stream of […]


Leaving on a Jet Plane

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As a campus ambassador (or tour guide) for the past few years for UW-Stevens Point, I often get the questions, “Is there anything you regret not doing while being a college student?” When I was first asked this question, I will admit that I was stumped, so I turned to my classmates and friends for […]