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Full Swing

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We are in the full swing of things here at UW-Stevens Point!! Myself and 14 other students are traveling to Namibia, Africa, a country just north of South Africa. We are going to be helping at a visually impaired school in Windhoek, where students were abandoned by their parents and have all different levels of […]


Goodbyes are never easy

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Today was the last day of school at the National Institute for Special Education – School for the Vision Impaired. The participants of this incredible trip choked back tears for two days as we said our farewells to the staff on Wednesday and then learners on Thursday. The emotions flowed freely throughout the lodge as […]


The High Life

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After finishing up week two at NISE with the amazing learners, the UWSP students boarded the bus for Swakopmund. Swakopmund is a small German influenced city by the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Here we were able to experience many firsts and live the high life – literally! Our adventure begins as we near the […]


We are the future – and so are they

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Every day I work with the children at the National Institute for Special Education (NISE), namely the learners at the School for the Visual Impaired, I learn more about myself and how these children are shaping my future. I realize the luxuries that the United States education system has, as well as the radical laws […]


The Wild Life: Safari

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This weekend I packed my backpack and boarded the bus with the other participants of the Namibia trip from UW-Stevens Point for a weekend of camping and safari. Although the bus trip was long, the new surrounds were too enticing for me to get a wink of sleep along the way. The thought of seeing […]


Every day is a new experience

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It is now the end of the week for us at the Namibian School for the Vision Impaired and we, generally speaking, all feel incredibly blessed to be such a big part of the lives we have touched. To these children, teachers and staff our presence has been more than an impact; it has brought […]


Seeing Is Believing

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After all the mixed emotions I had prior to the trip to Namibia with the UWSP School of Education Professor Patty Caro, today proved to me that it was worth every cent and every agonizing hour on the airplane to be here. On Friday, June 8, 2013, 15 participants boarded a plane at the Chicago […]


Going the Distance

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Have you ever walked through the halls of the College of Professional Studies, or any other building on the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campus, and seen all the posters for travel and study abroad opportunities? I mean, WOW, the opportunities are endless; London, New Zealand, Africa, Mexico and the list goes on! But how many […]