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Cue “The Lion King” opening credits: African Safari

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When the 5 a.m. alarm rang on Saturday morning I don’t think any of us realized how indescribable the next 12 hours would be. It was the ever anticipated safari day and lucky was an understatement. We entered Etosha National Park, over 100 square miles of free range parkland, around 6:30 a.m. with all our […]


Springbok, Elephants, Lions, Oh My!

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We arrived at Mondjila Safari Camp around 1 p.m. Friday. After a six-hour drive, we were ready to just relax in fresh air. Everyone settled into their tents. We stayed in pairs for the weekend. The tents were upscale but didn’t take away from the atmosphere. We were provided with two beds, two side tables […]


HUMP Day: A Weekend in Swakopmund

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We began our trip to Swakopmund at 9 a.m. on Friday. We all packed into a more compact van and took off for the coast! The drive was scenic as we watched the landscape change from a grassland savanna to desert to, eventually, ocean. We made a few pit stops before finally arriving at our […]


A Weekend Away

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After ending our first week in the schools, we boarded the van and headed off to Swakopmund. Swakopmund is a small German influenced town by the west coast. Before we arrived, we made a pit stop for lunch, pictures and stretching. The next stop was Dune 7. We drove down a long dirt road surrounded […]


Safe & Sound

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WE MADE IT TO NAMIBIA! I honestly have to say one of the longest weekends ever. I don’t even know where the time went and at some parts I asked myself, “Is this real life?” The flight from O’hare to Heathrow, London was roughly seven and a half hours. Our British Airway flights were decked […]


Week 1 … Check!

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Hello all, The Internet has been spotty for the past few days, but we have just completed our first week of school at NISE! We were swarmed on Wednesday with dozens of learners’ hugs and smiles getting off the bus, but we were lead quickly towards the school’s presentation center for an official welcome. We […]


Happy First Day of School … and First Bite of Springbok!

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Today, our first day of school, is hard to put into words. We arrived at the National Institute for Special Education (NISE) around 7:30 a.m. and were greeted by squeals and smiles and waves from the bus. It took all of 10 seconds to receive dozens of hugs. It is winter here in Namibia so […]


It’s The Final Countdown!

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Just hours to go before we board a plane and start our adventure!! Don’t worry, I am still packing up my suitcase… Packing 101 Make a list of items to pack Wow, was that challenging enough! Prof. Caro sent us a list of all that she is packing and the International Programs Office sent us […]


The Final Countdown: Two Days to Takeoff

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For those of you who don’t know, my name is Taylor Buresch, a senior special education major with minors in cognitive disabilities and Spanish. I am more than excited to not only embark on the trip of a lifetime to Namibia, Africa, with 14 fellow students and Professor Patty Caro, but also to share my […]