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Set goals that match your values

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by Lindsay Worley ’13 With the New Year upon us, many of us reflect back on 2015 considering goals that were or were not accomplished. We begin developing New Year’s resolutions and, course, for most of us, those resolutions don’t make it past the first new month. Almost half of Americans set New Year’s resolutions, […]


New experiences

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How did I become a blogger? I honestly have no idea, until I remembered: I’m in college, that’s how. I am a sophomore student here at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point after being here for less than a year and a half, I have tried and experienced more new things than I ever have before, […]


Alumni named Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals

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Three University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point health promotion/wellness alumni have been named to the Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals by the Wellness Council of America (WELCO). Aaron Hunnel ’13 Hunnel currently works as a wellness coordinator for Network Health, a Health Insurance Company based in northeast Wisconsin. He help people live healthier lives by administering the […]


Health in Hungary

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Coming from UW-Stevens Point, I have acquired a relatively well-rounded outlook on wellness factors. Remember, the SPECIES model? Social, Physical, Environmental, Career, Intellectual, Emotional… Sexual? No, Spiritual! (Still got it!) I’ve been thinking about these things since arriving in Hungary, and I’ve made some observations comparing Hungary’s health to the U.S., particularly Stevens Point. Social: […]


Staying healthy at UW-Stevens Point

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Hola chicos! As we make our way through November, I am realizing that it is around this time of the year that everyone suddenly seems less healthy. From colds to flu season, and leftover Halloween candy to holiday binge eating; it seems everyone partakes in at least some unhealthy activities. I have already had a […]


Running 50 for a Purpose

Students in Professor Tom Wetter’s First-Year Seminar course “Running and the Meaning of Life” may have found answers and inspiration from guest speakers David Chrisinger ’09 (social science history) and Brett Foley. The two childhood friends are running a 50-mile ultramarathon on October 26, 2013, to raise $10,000 for The Mission Continues, a national service organization that helps […]


Wrapping up in Vancouver!

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WOW! These three months have flown by, creating great relationships with friends in Vancouver, and making connections and learning constantly! I’m excited about the future and what it holds as there are so many options to come! Including applying for my 500-hour yoga teacher training! I decided to take a look at all of the […]


Is Gluten Free for Me?

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Gluten-free eating receives a lot of coverage and media hype, but what does it really mean to eat gluten free? A UW-Stevens Point dietetics alumna and current student teamed together to provide valuable information for faculty and staff as a part of the Employee Wellness Summer Lunch and Learn Series on Tuesday, Aug. 13. Hannah […]


Alum rides bike from London to Edinburgh and back

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Robert Booth ’89 tapped into his background as a health promotion/wellness student at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point to complete a milestone in just four and a half days. Booth, age 52, of Madison, Wis., successfully completed the 1400-km London-Edinburgh-London Randonneuring bicycle ride held July 28–Aug. 2 in the United Kingdom. Held every four years, […]


This next year for Creative Warrior Yoga

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So here it is: I’m laying out my next year for the world to see. Creative Warrior Yoga: It is the creators, the crazy ones, who move our world forward, who create remarkable feats of love and emotionally giving themselves and their work to the world. They drive the human race forward. I want to […]